• Unitz is designed with System Administrators and company managers in mind. We find that a lot of companies want to get insights in all their workstations, servers, hardware & software licenses. What Unitz does is give them a powerful tool to keep track of all these company assets.

    Managers can create reports of last years IT hardware costs and Unitz generates reports with a cost estimate for the upcomming year.

  • Pay per usage

    We believe customers should only pay what they're using, so we made a "pay per use" system. For every unit your adding to Unitz you pay a low fee.

  • Stay alert!

    Always know when your assets are about to run out of warranty, this saves you money and time. No more suprises.

  • Easy Inbox

    Let users request upgrades and report problems, and your admin can view them within the Unitz dashboard. Always on track!

  • Cloud Based

    Our systems are cloud based and redundant, so you can always access your data, everywhere, at any time!